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In a recent post I mentioned my I have been having a little bit of a crafting binge as of late due to the ridiculous amount of spare time I have had recently but I know this will again go on a little bit of a decline as uni starts up again tomorrow “sigh…someone remind me why I wanted to do a masters again?”. However I am really wanting to try and keep working on this and give myself a goal for the end of this year- which may seem like a really long time but you will understand soon.

So my craft of choice is crocheting. Which is a method of producing garments or ornaments etc using wool and a crochet hook. This is something that my Granny G started teaching when I was quite young and it did take me a while to get a nack for it as according to my Granny I am the worlds tightest crocheter – this is the also the main reason I completely abandoned trying to learn how to Knit – the whole two needles seemed impossible for my hands to master :). But in recent years I have rediscover my love for crochet and have been able to advance my skills and learn how to make some pretty cool things.

So I was think of sharing a few of my creations & new projects with you all here & see of any one was interested?
I might also think about doing a basic tutorial however there are so many good online tutorials/bloggers I don’t think I could compete lol! One of my favourites is a blog called Attic24 so check her out if your interested in learning a few new skills 🙂


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