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Tea Blog: Blogger Fail

The longer i am in Edinburgh doing my Masters the more i feel my blog (now blogs) get more and more neglected despite the fact that the main reason for my blogs origin was inspiration to get into the publishing industry which i am studying. However uni, my current placement which is so interesting and incredibly informative and finally work (for money/food) means that the only other thing i seem to do in life is sleep & the rare time my friends who are all in a similar situation to myself somehow find the energy to drag me out to socialise usually over caffeinated beverages 🙂

However i am off for Easter (YEAHH) and despite the fact there has been some turmoil in my extended family and a small family Va-Ca to the beautiful Cushendall on the North Coast of Ireland. I have managed squeeze a couple of reads!!

The first was a re-read called Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan. It was a book i had been thinking about because while i was away from home my lovely mammie put another GIANT bookcase in my room 🙂 And an image i saw when i a small panic as i am a teeny tiny bit OCD about my books and i spotted my hard back edition which i bought a couple of years ago and had put away in my book chest, which is literally a giant blanket chest which i have filled with books – mostly hard backs, when i was running out of room 🙂 and since seeing i have wanted to reread. I own the first two books in the series but i think i will have to go back and buy the next couple in the series but i think there are only 5 books so far despite the first being released by Gollancz in 2005.

The Second book was a return too –  because i only got a chance to star The Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. One problem with being a bookworm and living in two places is that if i buy new books in one place its hard to bring them back and forth on the plane. Because they weigh too much in paperback. However this will never stop me from buying books i REALLY like or am interested in reading in paperback rather than on the e-reader. It was soo good!! But i did take me nearly a year to read because i read nearly the first third in Ireland and then had to go back in Edinburgh for 6months before i came home now and finished it! 😀

I am now reading The King by J. R. Ward. And i am so—o excited. She (JR)has been teasing me with interviews or type ups of interviews from conventions where she releases teasers but i wont spoil anything because you have like 10 books to catch up on. So if your thinking of trying her Brotherhood series you dont technically have to start from number one but after the first 6 there are spoiler-ie/ plot issues. But all the characters are hilarious and the world is so intriging!! But HOPEFULLY there will be reviews up soon!! Praying with fingers crossed.

Happy Easter Everyone!!


Maebhe xx



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