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Tea Blog: Home time

Today is the second anniversary of my little blog and once again I home in Ireland…however this time it should be a much longer transition as I have moved home for the majority of Msc third semester so I can complete my final dissertation (who knew I’d be putting myself through this misery again) in the comfort of my own home without the stresses of finances and cooking etc. I have also had a hell a welcome weekend/first week home. Volunteering at fundraising ‘Night at the Races’ event, then a lovely night out with my family getting something to eat at The Mourne Seafood Bar in Belfast on Saturday night and then siting in the awesome Kelly’s Cellar, where we meet some lovely Americans. Sydney who is a Creative writing lecturer in Chicago (she is also a Publishing graduate which gives me renewed hope for  a job in the future :p ) and Cameron McGill who is also a musician and he was incredibly kind, giving me a copy of his album, Gallow’s Etiquette (I love the name) and I have been listening to it a lot lately. He has a really blues-y meet indie sound to his music.

I was also extremely excited to hear about the NerdFest going on in Belfast at the moment!! I came home to ComicCon Belfast. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to go because I already had too many commitments at the moment and I am working on a number of projects including job hunting and working on my dissertation.

I especially love all the Games of Thrones events going on in Belfast tonight with the launch of this years Game of Thrones exhibition in the Waterfront Hall with appearances from Finn Jones (Ser Lora Tyrell) , Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne), Sibel Kellili (Shae), and Ian McElhinney (Ser Barristan Selmy) who meet with fans at the opening of the exhibition today. unsurprisingly the tickets for the actual exhibition for the next five days sold out nearly instantly – thankfully I went to the exhibition last year at the Titanic Quarter. It was amazing and really allows you to immerse yourself in the GoT world with costumes and paraphernalia including THE Iron Throne. Really worth a visit if you ever get an opportunity (& are a fan of the series).

I have another interview tomorrow so wish me luck. and I have a couple of book reviews coming soon – hopefully. I don’t know how many times I’ve written that now but I promise to try harder.




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