Tea blog: Freedom & Book Haul

Cuppa: Coffee

Snackage: Pecans

Watching: Orphan Black


It has been two months of being buried under a thousand sheets of paper dissecting and analysing the young adult publishing in relation to the growth of social media in the twenty first century – some of which was enjoyable, especially my discussion on the power of Harry potter on the genre. However almost 15,000 words later, it is now complete and handed in and i am free!

The stress of the last couple of months resulted in a through re-enactment of Dobby’s final scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with my mum

“Dobby is Freeee”

So i am back with a vengeance and a lot of books that i am dying to read and hoping to get to reviews up 🙂 I have missed writing for fun rather than writing for another university project. The thought of writing a review on top of my scheduled writing for the day was too much to bear.


However my first means of celebrating was a book I had pre-ordered about a month ago, Dark Skye by Kresley Cole. It arrived a little early so i had to make my mum hide it from me before i had a chance of even opening it….the desperate measures of a self confessed book addict. 😀

I have already finished it and it was surprising in so many ways. It was a great read and really different from her previous characters and i loved how it has progressed the series. However i shan’t say too much because i hoping to do a proper review soon.

As for the rest of my haul i rewarded myself by buying a couple of books i have been dying to read. The first is Rogue by Katy Evans, a book i discussed in my last post in July. It only came out and i had hoped to take part in its online launch however whenever i worked out the time in relation to my dissertation it just wasn’t possible –  maybe next time.

Next I had a little Waterstones binge. I have been immersed in the young adult  genre for months now and I has introduced me to a number of new authors and new releases from authors I already enjoy.

The first book I got at Waterstones is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I have always been a huge fan of Holly Blacks books. I started with her books The Spiderwick Chronicles which she wrote with Tony Diterlizzi. Its an awesome series and her book the White Cat is another unique take on the magic genre. But the reviews on Coldtown were intriguing. It seems to be more of a YA urban fantasy horror than any of the cliché paranormal romances which are popular on the market at the moment and with with Holly’s writing ability your new its gonna be good.

My final book and possibly the book I’m most excited to read is the final book in Stephanie Perkins trilogy, Isla and the Happily Ever After. I absolutely adore her first book Anna and the French Kiss, It is one of those books I can re read – partly because Stephanie Perkins is an amazing author, her writing style has a realism which allows you to invest in her characters and the situations. And often results in much daydreaming about its locations and situations. I am half way through Isla and Josh’s story and I AM IN LOVE!! More coming about this book and series soon.


But once again im glad to be back writing and reading i have missed this so much.




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