DIY: Vintage Chair Re-vamp & Inspiration

Since moving home a combination of factors from moving, job hunting and graduating has left me in a bit of a funk, as I like to call it. Basically I am lacking the drive and inspiration to write anything new. I have had more time to read however I haven’t picked up any of the new books which I bought during my initial post dissertation celebration. And instead I have returned to old favourites and  audiobooks of loved books. And while as a reader, I love rereads – as a blogger it has resulted in a lack of imagination for new posts.

So!! What to do when lacking inspiration? Go look for it & stop waiting for it to find you!

   Some may not know about my love of vintage but since moving home I have simultaneously developed sever cases of ‘Itchy feet’ or you may know it more as the ‘travel bug’ the desire to travel and experience new places, as well as ‘Nesting Syndrome’ the desire to settle and develop roots. So while I am still job hunting I am not in the situation to travel (although there are hopefully some trips in the works for next year) I feed this new beast.

This all started with a visit to a local charity shop, Re-Store a furniture and knick knack shop where I made two great finds & purchases. A simple vintage  four legged chair and a beautiful mahogany Tea trolley. I have completed my work on the chair first so I will discuss the trolley in another post once I decide what I am going to do with it. I am suffering a very difficult internal struggle to paint or not to paint mahogany.

So to introduce my little vintage project:

Now I do have a smaller vintage blog which I created while in Edinburgh which is in need of much love, but this blog is my baby and I haven’t done a craft project in quite some time – so here it shall stay. Now what I did to this chair workwise was minimal (took three days from purchase but I am so happy with the results.

Step One:
This chair in my imagination was somebodies painters chair as it was covered with different coloured paint spackles and while this oddity was part of its appeal when I bought it. It was a little run down & in need of a re-vamp to be usual. So step one was to sand back some of the larger paint spots and a number of small chips.

And meet my crafting buddy, Friday. By the end she hindered more than helped but her cuteness more than makes up for it.

Step Two:
Time for paint.
However I choose to go with a more uniform colour – a lavender grey to be precise – compared to the rainbow previously. I have used a chalk /matte finish paint to strengthen the vintage look. And after two coats, the first painted on and the second was applied using a roller to smooth out the finish.

Step Three:
Two coats of paint later and the job is complete. However I will be honest I feel that my project my need a wax finish to protect the paint. The reality of using chalk paint means that it is incredibly soft and I already fear it marking and it’s not in active use yet. But here is the finished article and if I make any additional changes I will share updated photos.


This is the finished article from my first vintage crafting project. I have never taken on any furniture work but it was really enjoyable from hunting down the pieces of furniture, seeing potential in somebody else’s thrown away items through to their modifications. And I hope to do more.

I would love to hear your thought on my little project so far and I will share a photo soon of my trolley. I would greatly appreciate ideas and suggestions on how I can improve my work or what to do with my other items.



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