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Reads of 2014: A Review

While the rest of the Internet has long since shared their best reads of 2014 I’ve been a little late getting in the writing game this year. I have already acknowledged that the last year was a difficult reading year for myself due to university commitments & work resulting in a lot of re-reads rather than new reads. This doesn’t mean I didn’t read any good books. I have to say a couple of my favourite books from the last year include;

1. Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone
This was a great book, took two attempts to really get into the book. However I fully understood the plot and the heroine I was hooked. I have already purchase book 2 & I can’t wait to read it- see how the plot progresses!

2. Kresley Cole’s Dark Skye
While I can admit that this hasn’t been my favourite in the series. I realise that this for me, became one of those over anticipated books which couldn’t match up to my expectations. However it was still enjoyable & I love the IAD series.

3. Thea Harrison’s Nights Honour
This book was a nice change in pace for this series. While a lot of the reviews I have seen on this book have been pretty poor I have to disagree. While it’s not the fierce (or semi-fierce) female protagonist that is customary in the as books- Tess is still strong in a quieter way as is Xavier. It also lay a strong foundation for the next book in the series which I am now itching to read. 🙂

4. Karen Maire Moning’s Dark Fever
This is a new author for me, discovered through Thea Harrison’s Facebook page. This series in set in Dublin which is practically local for me & therefore a complete novelty. However it is also a really good book with a lot of room for growth, in book 1 there has already been dramatic growth in our lead character MacKayla who initially drove me crazy. However perseverance has paid off &now I’m really excited to see how the plot will progress.

I also rediscovered Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series after an extended break. I had struggled with how the Anita Blake series had progressed in later books, specifically how Anita had lost some of her Bad-assery in favour of an incomprehensible number of men, lovers, boyfriends, etc. but I plan on writing an author review on Ms. Laurell K Hamilton’s books very soon. So keep an eye out.

Finally but most importantly I discovered the joy of the audiobook. Specifically the Harry Potter books, allowing me to rediscover all the depth and nuances from the series that I have forgotten.

These have been my favourite reads if 2014 however I have high hopes for this years reading endeavours. But Thank you as always for taking the time to read my little piece & I would love to hear what you’ve been reading or are looking forward to this year.




2 thoughts on “Reads of 2014: A Review

  1. Oh yes, listening to the Harry Potter books is lovely! Which narrator did your audiobook(s) have?
    I found it interesting listening to the audio versions how different details suddenly stuck out to me compared to reading the books. I wish I was rich so I could buy all the Stephen Fry versions >__< I'll have to stick with the library for now…
    Haven't yet read any of the other books you named, although I've heard many good things about Daughter of Smoke and Bone so I'll definitely check that one out once my tbr is dead (lol).

    1. I totally agree, I discovered a new found love for Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets because of the new details and personalities brought out in the audio version- which was one of my least favourite books/films.
      I was very lucky because I friend owns the Stephen Fry Version & was willing to share- they are awesome but like yourself it will take a long time before I can afford them myself! ☺️
      DofS&B really is a good read but if you manage to conquer you TBR pile & read it I would love to hear what you think of it! I’m in need of slaying my own TBR tower 😅 the joyful creation of good second hand bookshops & too little reading time! X

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