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Made by Maebhe: Crotchet Creations

All this crafting inspiration has inspired me to start a new series: Made by Maebhe.

I’m not sure exactly how regular (regularity being an issue that i already need to work on) a contribution this series will be to my blog. However i wanted an opportunity to share my creations and share new skills i am learning.

The discovery of  my current favourite magazines, Mollie Makes and Simply Crotchet, has truly been sources of inspiration, fueling the need to buy some new wool so i can try out some of the new skills they talk about and replicate some of their ideas.

However before i get too ambitious i thought i would share some of my little creations to date. So far i haven’t taken on many large projects, however below you will be able to see two blankets i have made – however the first (red & white) took a ridiculously long time to complete since these big projects are something i tend to start and when i put it away for the evening i can forget to pull out again for quite sometime.

Giant Granny Square Blanket with scalloped edge

I am embarrassed to admit that this blanket has to be one of the slowest creations i have ever worked on. My Granny taught me how to crotchet when i was about 11 years old and this was one of the first projects i ever took on. I never liked joining the little squares together so for my first blanket i would just make a GIANT square. Simple but time consuming and therefore made it a lot less appealing a project to pull out whenever the crotchet cravings kicked in.

However 11 years later it is finally finished although i probably should have made it a little bigger if i wanted it to be a true blanket. I think its just a throw more than anything now, prettily adorning the end of my bed.

Crotchet Bows

This is one of my favourite little projects to make and i now have them in an assortment of colours and sizes. Below i have two examples in turquoise. I love putting them on clips for my hair or safety pins for coats etc. Can be made in about an 20 mins, really satisfying little project.Granny Squares and Hexagons

I crocheted these while living in Edinburgh completing my Masters. I have a box full of granny squares – many of which are a little funny as i have some difficulty with maintaining the same level of tension. There were many evenings after uni- or work when it was too abysmal to go outside or i was simply too tired to deal with people, i would turn to netflix and crotchet to pass the time and relax.

The hexagons i saw on my favourite crotchet blog – Attic24. Lucy, the crafter and creator of this blog makes some amazing and beautiful things with crotchet. I really cant recommend her blog enough! she is one of the few written tutorial i can easily understand and follow and she really has some beautiful tutorials. The rest of this post are all projects i learnt how to do from her site.

She made a beautiful Hexagon Blanket and i was in love. So i spent an evening learning how to make them. I didn’t have enough wool or colours to do them justice, however i have ambitions to return to this project with some good quality and brightly coloured wool.

Hearts and Roses

These last little projects are a few of the ones i had at hand but like my granny squares i have more in storage, especially the flowers which i can now make a couple of different kinds of flowers.

These are really cute little projects which can be added to clothing or other projects. I also made a number of bow headbands at Christmas for friends and family so i can find my own at the moment. However i made a few plain straight headbands and added these little flowers to decorate.—————————————————————————————————————————

I really hope to expand my skills this year and take on a number of new projects. I have already learned how to make a magic circle as a start for most amigurumi which is my most resent love and i am trying to learn.

Thank you for taking the time to read my little post and i would love to hear about your crafting ambitions or any useful learning resources.



3 thoughts on “Made by Maebhe: Crotchet Creations

  1. This reminds me of that vest that is lying around unfinished somewhere. Somehow the knitting mood didn’t grab me this winter. But I would really like to do it more often again. It’s so relaxing (unless things don’t go my way).
    Love your littel bows and hearts and roses! I guess I should learn to crochet at some point 😀

    1. I really wish I could I could Knit! I’ve tried a couple of times to learn but so far my hands have not cooperated & I usually end up with a extremely tight knit rather than any rows. 😜 Crotchet is really easy, so you should really give it a go! IAnd you can knit so you will pick it up in no time!

      1. When I was younger my mum tried to teach me to knit, and failed miserably. I taught myself to knit with Knitting for Dummies a few years ago and that worked, quite to my surprise xD

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