Tea Blog: Changes

 So that tired old cliche that “life is like a roller coaster” has taken over my life recently. Although, it has been a combination of good and bad…

  •  Firstly I managed to get a new job a couple of months ago now. So I have left the world of retail (& working weekends) to join the 9-5 which is an improvement in someways but it also means a lot less time off & I can feel it eating into my reading & writing time.
  •   There has also been some turmoil and mourning in my household, as we tragically lost our long love family pet, Friday, to a road accident in June. The circumstances are unclear however, emotionally I have been in a sensitive place for the last month, although I can honestly say I am recovering as this is the first time I have been able write about her passing.  

This is one of a series of photos my aunt took of Friday, sitting outside my house waiting greet people. She loved to sit here however I could never manage to grab a photo as she would always toddle over whenever I came outside. My garden, which is one of my sources of recovery due to an ongoing project, still does feel quite right without her and little visits for cuddles.


  •   Some of this sadness was tapered by a family holiday soon after, something which hasn’t happened in 5 years now and was greatly enjoyed by all.
  •   However on my return home I was asked to work in a different location to help cover holidays which was fine, however during this week, the when and where being uncertain, I came down with food poisoning and have been suffering for the past few days……

So to say that life has been a little tumultuous for the last few months would be accurate. But I am hoping that July is a turning point and that things will begin to settle down and I can begin to assimilate all the changes. I also have a number of post ideas I want to write so I need to figure out a new schedule to fit around work ( even if it means dragging my poor iPad everywhere with me!). 

  New week and new beginning – wish me luck.



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