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Updated-Review: Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

So i am still not a Beauty Blogger however i recently purchased two lip products from the Gwen Stefani collaboration with Urban Decay and i am a little obsessed, so i really wanted to share them with you. Plus they are just gorgeous! It truly is some of the prettiest packaging i have seen for a cosmetic range and very true of the brand that Gwen has developed through her music and clothing range, Lamb. I have been a big fan of Gwen Stefani, both her music and her style since i was in high school, so once i heard that she was working with urban decay to bring out a make-up range it was something i had been keeping an eye out in Debanhams. I was really excited to finally see it in stores in Northern Ireland. The eyeshadow palette is also lovely looking however i am not very adventurous when it comes to working with powder shadows, but i love a bold lip.


The packaging is very indicative of Gwen’s song with Akon, The Sweet Escape. However it also reflects on her love of monochrome and metalics which can be seen through out her clothing line. Both the boxes and physical package rock statment metallic, however the boxes also have pink polka dot lining. I also think these will make great handbag lippies, a true statement colour for days when my face is feeling a little bland or you need to transition your make up from day to night in a hurry.


I purchased the matching lipstick and lip liner in the colour Rock Steady, a deep raspberry red tone. Its a unique red, different from anything i owned prior but i am excited to wear this colour out, both casual and for more formal wear.



The true colour pay out of these products really haven’t been done justice by my amateur photography, the colour is much stronger and pigmented than is shown here.

The finish of the pencil lip liner is matte, the pencil is also very creamy and easy to apply, however it is also very staining, when i tested it in store, even after washing my hands the colour was still visible by the end of the day. A benefit when wearing it out for a night but just requires some caution when applying.

In comparison the lipstick is a satin finish, much glossier but with a similar colour payout. When worn together the colour is very dark  and dramatic, slightly 90’s grunge which i love.

Don’t have anything planned at the moment but i will try and get some photos wearing it and show it off. But this is just a quick post to share a new purchase, when i get a chance to wear it a bit more i will up date you on it.

Back soon!

Maebhe x


Okay so i have had time to get some proper wear of both the lipstick and the liner and being honest both have issues.

The Lipstick is probably the most difficult but unlike any other Urban Lipstick i own, this colour travels so much when i tried to wear it, with or without the liner. Every time i tried to wear it, i would end up with colour on my chin/cheek etc when i tried to drink anything or if my hair touched it.

The liner is better but even then , this liner is so soft and easy it is great for when you apply it. However it never really sets so again it still moves. I usually wear my other urban liners with just a chapstick over them, that totally doesnt work here. As it just unsettles the product more, so it is best worn on its own.

I do still love the colour but you just need to be careful where you wear it. Definitely not a date/valentines day!

Hope this helps some of you interested in this product & let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Updated-Review: Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

    1. Hellos, The colour is staining so it does last a long time. However this lipstick travels sooooo much. I have been wearing this all week to test it out and it is terrible for smudging and moving about. I drink a lot of tea and it leaves lipstick on everything and covers the mug.Still love the colour but just need to work out how best to wear it. The liner is better i feel.

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