My name is Maebhe and I this is my blog. I hope for this to be a place to share a love for books and the odd crafty project. However I also hope for it to become a place to grow and incorporate new ideas and therefore be ever expanding. (Basically I don’t want too strong a definition to limit me.)

However I love books and they are what inspired me to start this blog and it has brought me in contact with so many people and ideas so I can already say it has been a success.

I hope you enjoy something in this little blog adventure of mine and I would love to hear from you.

Thank you, Mwah!


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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Got your circular from John Stewart at Edinburgh Creative Writers Club. Do you require sample submissions for the HCA “The Little Mermaid” project? Am happy to provide an abridged sample of work after speaking. What is it you require at this stage?

    Do you have any guidelines for the modernisaton of the original?

    Mark Young

    1. Hello mark,
      Right now it is still a relatively early stage in the development process so no writing necessarily is needed yet. I am looking more to find out what your ideas would be and what experience you have on which I can base reliability etc as this would be a pretty busy process as if this project is picked up we would be aiming to reach completion by the end of March so it will be pretty intense but also a lot of fun with a full team behind you.
      But again I must reiterate that there is no guarantee yet that this project will succeed as it is still only a proposal.
      In regards to guild lines I would just say to stay within young adult to child mind set while right. It must be suitable for a younger age group. Otherwise how you adapt is up to you.
      Feel free to email me with any other issues.
      Shauna Maebhe

  2. Hi Shauna,

    I recently received an email on your behalf regarding a project you’re working on. i’d love it if you could contact me at jkbfield@outlook.com, as I am really interested in discussing this with you furhter!

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