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Updated-Review: Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

So i am still not a Beauty Blogger however i recently purchased two lip products from the Gwen Stefani collaboration with Urban Decay and i am a little obsessed, so i really wanted to share them with you. Plus they are just gorgeous! It truly is some of the prettiest packaging i have seen for a cosmetic range and very true of the brand that Gwen has developed through her music and clothing range, Lamb. I have been a big fan of Gwen Stefani, both her music and her style since i was in high school, so once i heard that she was working with urban decay to bring out a make-up range it was something i had been keeping an eye out in Debanhams. I was really excited to finally see it in stores in Northern Ireland. The eyeshadow palette is also lovely looking however i am not very adventurous when it comes to working with powder shadows, but i love a bold lip.


The packaging is very indicative of Gwen’s song with Akon, The Sweet Escape. However it also reflects on her love of monochrome and metalics which can be seen through out her clothing line. Both the boxes and physical package rock statment metallic, however the boxes also have pink polka dot lining. I also think these will make great handbag lippies, a true statement colour for days when my face is feeling a little bland or you need to transition your make up from day to night in a hurry.


I purchased the matching lipstick and lip liner in the colour Rock Steady, a deep raspberry red tone. Its a unique red, different from anything i owned prior but i am excited to wear this colour out, both casual and for more formal wear.



The true colour pay out of these products really haven’t been done justice by my amateur photography, the colour is much stronger and pigmented than is shown here.

The finish of the pencil lip liner is matte, the pencil is also very creamy and easy to apply, however it is also very staining, when i tested it in store, even after washing my hands the colour was still visible by the end of the day. A benefit when wearing it out for a night but just requires some caution when applying.

In comparison the lipstick is a satin finish, much glossier but with a similar colour payout. When worn together the colour is very dark  and dramatic, slightly 90’s grunge which i love.

Don’t have anything planned at the moment but i will try and get some photos wearing it and show it off. But this is just a quick post to share a new purchase, when i get a chance to wear it a bit more i will up date you on it.

Back soon!

Maebhe x


Okay so i have had time to get some proper wear of both the lipstick and the liner and being honest both have issues.

The Lipstick is probably the most difficult but unlike any other Urban Lipstick i own, this colour travels so much when i tried to wear it, with or without the liner. Every time i tried to wear it, i would end up with colour on my chin/cheek etc when i tried to drink anything or if my hair touched it.

The liner is better but even then , this liner is so soft and easy it is great for when you apply it. However it never really sets so again it still moves. I usually wear my other urban liners with just a chapstick over them, that totally doesnt work here. As it just unsettles the product more, so it is best worn on its own.

I do still love the colour but you just need to be careful where you wear it. Definitely not a date/valentines day!

Hope this helps some of you interested in this product & let me know what you think.

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Beauty Favourites 2015

So new year and i want to diversify, i know i will never be a beauty blogger full time but this is something i have been learning more about and am determined to try. Honestly i am more invested in skincare than cosmetics purely, because when my skin is at its best i don’t feel the need to wear as much make up, as much i am learning to enjoy playing with make up looks.

So below i have chosen a few of my favourite cosmetics to share with you with some mini reviews.

First is Lips;

Below is my favourite combo of lip products at the moment

First i have 6 of the seven colour’s of the Bourjois Rouge Edition; Velvet. These are Bourjois’s liquid to matte lipsticks and they are my favourite as they are really easy to apply, solid colour in one coat and as soon as they set that is your lip colour sorted for the day. Very rarely do i ever have to apply a second coat.They are also the most comfortable lipsticks i ever wear as i don’t feel dry or tight, just velvety as they are described. I also love them for the winter periods, as my lips always get very dry and these don’t make them look even dryer.

The colours shown below are;

first row, l-r: Peach club & Nudist

Second row, l-r Grand Cru & Hot Pepper

Third row, l-r Pink Pong & So Hap’pink

These are showing quite well except for the red tones on the second row, as Grand Cru is a very dark purple red and hot pepper which is a very true red with a blue under tone, easiest way to wear red i have ever found. This is my current favourite colour combo, Bourjois in ‘Beau Brun’ with urban decays lipliner in ‘liar’. This colour is a burnt red/nude colour, its hard to describe but it is my favourite everyday colour which is both dramatic and wearable.

Liar is also beautiful on its own although it is more of a nude brown tone, rather than a red tone.

 On my no lipstick days when i am just trying to fix my dry lips or mostly when i am in work stuck in a room with air con on all day, Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour lipstick as well as their 8 Hour gel, not shown here, is amazing. Super moisturising but light and not sticky, it doesn’t taste amazing but it works so well but i don’t care.

Next for the Eyes;

Next is a recent discovery from the very end of 2015, but it is absolutely worth the mention. Prior to discovering this mascara from Wayne Goss’s Youtube channel i was set on the Urban decay Perversion mascara, but it is 3 times the price of this Boots own brand mascara, Falsifeye HD in blackest black. Two coats creates really long, black lashes, which doesn’t flake and is build-able and its only £6!!!

My second must have product is Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr creme eyeshadow, my two favourite colours are ‘On and On Bronze’ and ‘Creamy Beige’. These are both great for everyday wear on their own but i love to use these as a base for powder eyeshadows.
Lastly, Foundation;

Here are the three foundations i have been using all year, now to be honest i haven’t quite found my perfect foundation yet but these are all great for different reason.

1)Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H, Colour 010

This is my work foundation, it stays all day and doesn’t move despite how oily my skin is which is my main problem when it comes to finding a perfect finish, also the color is close to perfect. This is the lightest colour Lancome makes but it is still maybe one shade too dark, too yellow toned while i have a pinker undertone.

2) Urban Decays Naked Skin, Colour 0.5

This is my favourite foundation when it comes to colour and how it feels on the skin. However, despite the fact the Urban claims that this skin is designed for oily skin, if i wear this makeup to work it separates half way through the day and looks patchy. However on a normal day or night out it is a great foundation.

3) BareMinerals, Complexion Rescue BB, Colour Opal 01

Compared to the other two foundations this is a tinted hydrating gel creme. It has a very light formula which gives a very light amount of coverage. However this was my favourite to wear during the summer, especially while i was away in Portugal with my family. This was especially because this BB has an SPF 30 but is very comfortable and i was able to wear it even when i was away paddleboarding and i didn’t get burnt despite how easy my skin is effected by the sun.


This is just an overview of my favourite products and i hope to do another post focused more on skincare later in the year when i master my skincare routine. As is becoming a pattern i would love to hear your feedback on this post as i work to improve.


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Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, Rouge Noir


So i am going to open this post with a huge disclaimer. I am by no means a beauty professional, i have no qualifications and everything i know is self taught/researched. All products were purchased by my little self and all opinions are my own, so take from them what you will.

So I recently discovered that as part of their Christmas campaign this year Chanel has relaunched the 1995 classic ‘Rouge Noir‘, and it is all truly gorgeous.

Chanel Illusion D’Ombre, Rouge Noir

Chanel Rouge Noir Christmas 2015 (Image Source: Marie Claire)

I discovered this re-release through the amazing Caroline Hiron, skincare expert, blogger and YouTuber. She is a continuous source of entertainment and knowledge, and the reason behind my skin’s improvement in the last few months. In one of Ms Hirons September vlogs, she previewed some of the Rouge Noir pieces she had received and I simply fell. It has been twenty years since Rouge Noir’s initial launch following its premier in the cult film Pulp Fiction were it was wore by Uma Thermin. Its re-release has had quite a buzz as it is considered an iconic colour by Chanel and even collectible, resulting in it being sold out numerous times as i experienced today, as it was already sold out at Boots but i was able to snap up one of the last four at House of Fraser. At the moment the possibility of buying everything in the collection is beyond me, so i settled on my favourite product;

Brand: Chanel, Illusion D’Ombre Longwear Luminious Eyeshadow

Colour: Rouge Noir

Price: £24 (Boots) £25 (House of Fraser)



This is a cream formulation eyeshadow unlike any i have previously owned. One of my favourite cream shadows which i wear daily is the Maybelline 24hr Colour tattoo in On-and-On Bronze. It is a great eyeshadow for everyday wear and is an essential part of my quick morning make-up routine, however this is completely different, specifically the consistency and the finish. Where the maybelline is very shiny once applied and makes a great base for other powder shadows, the Chanel transforms from cream to powder when applied, without the fall out. It is also a really build-able colour, where it can go from a light shadow to a deep, dramatic smokey look.

I genuinely only bought this product today and after returning from my day Christmas shopping in Belfast i have taken off my original eyeshadow and put this on, so i am sitting in my fluffy pajamas with my fancy Chanel eyeshadow on trying to take a photo which shows how lovely it is in real life. On the eye it is purple, black, brown colour with a purple sparkle in the finish, which isn’t glittery which made me extra happy because glitter is not something i like in my eye looks.

So i tried to take a couple of photos but my photography skills just clearly weren’t up to the mark.


However, i hope that this little video can capture some of the quality of the shadow, its iridescent quality and a better demonstration of the colour.

I already have plans for this being my new go to colour as well as being my look for my work Christmas do which i already have my outfit for. I am planning on this being my first OOTD (laughing at my miserable use of YouTuber terminology). But this is a start, i hope you’s like and i would love to hear your opinions.

mwah, Maebhe