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Top 5 Wednesday: Series I Want to Start This Year

So as part of my renewed writing ambitions for 2015 i have joined the ‘Top 5 Wednesday‘ family – which generates top 5 topics every week, assisting in the creative flow and uniting a lot of book bloggers/youtubers. However as I am sure you can tell – unless you havent got a calender, your phone is broke & for some reason the electronic device you are reading this on has no calender – this is not wednesday….So a minor fail at starting this series on time. However i was really interested in this weeks topic so i decided to blog about it anyway!

This weeks topic is the Top 5 Series i want to start reading this year – so i have decided to use this the attack some of my To-Be-Read list some of which i have been meaning to read for years, which is a little embarrassing to think about. But also the first book in series i already own and have attempted to read before but something didn’t click first go so this is the perfect excuse to try again.LoLL

1. Gentlemen Bastard Series Scott Lynch Book One: The Lies of Locke Lamora

This is the first book which i have been meaning to read for so long. Sio, who will become a recurring individual in this post – introduced me to this book. A book which combines Robin Hood – but one who keeps all the riches for himself and his Band of Gentlemen Bastards – who doesn’t
love a thief! But i finally bought a copy of this book so hopefully this will be the year to take on the challenge of this book!



2. KingKiller Chronicles  Patrick Rothfuss Book One: Name of the WindNotW

This is a series/book that i have been meaning to read for at least two years! My fabulous friend Sio if full of booky knowledge and recommendations and has introduced me to many of my favourite reads like Naomi Novak series. However she introduced me to this book while at university together and i am currently in possession of her copy of this book. So i am determined that this is my year to read this book, especially since i don’t have the workload looming overhead like i have previously.

A Crime, Magic, High Fantasy combo which induces images of an adult Harry Potter in a medieval setting – I can’t wait!


3. Mistborn Trilogy Brandon Sanderson Book One: The Final EmpireMB

Another Sio recommendation – Sanderson manages to combine magic, intrigue and revolution to create his high fantasy series with a strong female lead! Something which makes a book a little extra special for me.

This series also introduces a new magic from any other series i have read so far – Allomancy – the use of different metals to generate magic power which has strictly controlled by the rich and powerful. They were clearly asking for revolution – so i can’t wait to see what our heroes get up to.



4. The Farseer Trilogy Robin Hobb Book One: Assassins ApprenticeAA

Can we tell yet that Sio is the person i go to for High Fantasy recommendations? 🙂 This book a little bit of a cheat as i have started this book before but a sad part in the plot made me put it down for a long time and i struggled to pick it back up. However i recently rediscovered and continued reading and i am loving the plot so far.

Plot wise this book is a little difficult to explain as it is a medieval tale with a little bit of magic thrown in. However most of the plot surrounds our main character Fitz and his training as- title gives it away -an assassins apprentice. With royalty, plots and danger it is thrilling a nice change from the urban fantasy books i usually read.


5. Arcana Chronicles Kresley Cole Book: Poison PrincessPP

Moving away from the high fantasy books and Sio’s recommendations – Poison Princess is a YA urban fantasy dystopia, and the series is plotted around the Arcana or Fortune telling card characters or their personification, for lack of a better word. Basically to me it seems like Xmen meets the apocalypse – the end of our world causes 22 teenagers to gain magical powers and a battle between good and evil ensues.

With 22 characters im not a 100% sure how this series will progress as there are only three books published so far. However i am a huge fan of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series so i can’t wait to give this book a go!



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I would love to hear any series you are planning or hoping to tackle this year – new publications for 2015 or just new to you! I am always looking for new authors and new reads.

Thank you as always for reading my little post!