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Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You

Daily Prompt: Coming To a Bookshelf Near You.


This is such awesome and surprisingly difficult propt because there are sooo mnay books that i have fallen in love and had that moment when i’ve why the flump didnt i think of that!! 😀

Im sure there is ome classic ones like Les Miserable and Dracula or Pride and Prejudice – *(yes my taste is rather varied at times), and these are all books i love but if i could have my opinion on the back of any book i think it would have to be one of my new favourites, more along the kind of books i like to write and read for fun 🙂 although i will try and control myself by not doing Harry Potter as that would probably end up the lenght of the first novel trying to explain my love fot them.

So im going to go for: Tememaria by Naomi Novik

“As a History major and a fantasy addict, this book feed every book craving i could ever need. Not only exploring an alternative history to inspire and intrigue anyone with the slightist interest in history. As well as take you on an emotional journey of friendship, love and sacrifice. And ofcourse to make it perfect, one word; Dragons! ”


And im planning on reviewing this book as soon as hell week in uni is over… one more essay 🙂


Maebhe x