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December Book Haul

So Christmas is over, the madness of the new year has passed, resolutions have been made and broken and life is slowly returning to normal. So this felt like a good time to pull out the books i received over the holiday period and have only recently had a chance to properly look at.

To any who have followed my book related content for a while now these have a slightly different theme from normal, as most of my books to date have been heavily focused on fantasy and urban fantasy with little straying. In comparison these books were gifted as part of my plans for this year, inspired by my recently purchased Sewing Machine.

I bought this with absolutely no background knowledge of sewing, only a passion for vintage and a long held wish to give sewing a shot. A little bit spontaneous for me when it comes to my usual shopping habits but i am really excited. So as part of my Christmas pressies my family got me a few sewing machine and general sewing books starting from the foundations of using a machine through to simple projects and tutorials.

I also bought myself this book called the Teeny Tiny Gardening book by Emma Hardy which includes inspiration for the little terrariums i love the grow/design as well as a lot of inspirations for using succulents in small places. Its a lovely little book with some beautiful photography in it.
   My last purchase was a more recent one, last weekend to be precise and it appealed to the book nerd in me so much that i simply could not walk away without purchasing it for myself.

In the following picture you can see the Harry Potter book clutch i managed to purchase at the local St Georges Market in Belfast. Now sadly i don’t know where else you would be able to purchase this awesome bag but if i can find a link i will add it below or share it on my social media somewhere.
   When i saw this book clutch it was the only Harry Potter one left in between a couple of other random books. only after i purchased it was a shown by the lovely lady at the stall that it  came with a Harry potter coin purse as well as a long shoulder strap chain which suits me better than just a clutch bag, because i am usually too lazy for clutch bags.

The only slight peeve i have with this purchase is that the cover is the american title version, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone rather than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. But i still love it and can’t wait to use it, but i don’t think i’ll be using this as a work bag.

So I am going to start a new series to keep a record of how my sewing experience develops and share any skills i manage to develop as part of this adventure. If any of you would like to learn how to use a sewing machine alongside me and i hope this is something that you would be interested in, i would love to hear what you think about this idea and what you would like to learn about if there is anything specific.

Short but sweet,


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Tea Blog: Home time

Today is the second anniversary of my little blog and once again I home in Ireland…however this time it should be a much longer transition as I have moved home for the majority of Msc third semester so I can complete my final dissertation (who knew I’d be putting myself through this misery again) in the comfort of my own home without the stresses of finances and cooking etc. I have also had a hell a welcome weekend/first week home. Volunteering at fundraising ‘Night at the Races’ event, then a lovely night out with my family getting something to eat at The Mourne Seafood Bar in Belfast on Saturday night and then siting in the awesome Kelly’s Cellar, where we meet some lovely Americans. Sydney who is a Creative writing lecturer in Chicago (she is also a Publishing graduate which gives me renewed hope for  a job in the future :p ) and Cameron McGill who is also a musician and he was incredibly kind, giving me a copy of his album, Gallow’s Etiquette (I love the name) and I have been listening to it a lot lately. He has a really blues-y meet indie sound to his music.

I was also extremely excited to hear about the NerdFest going on in Belfast at the moment!! I came home to ComicCon Belfast. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to go because I already had too many commitments at the moment and I am working on a number of projects including job hunting and working on my dissertation.

I especially love all the Games of Thrones events going on in Belfast tonight with the launch of this years Game of Thrones exhibition in the Waterfront Hall with appearances from Finn Jones (Ser Lora Tyrell) , Daniel Portman (Podrick Payne), Sibel Kellili (Shae), and Ian McElhinney (Ser Barristan Selmy) who meet with fans at the opening of the exhibition today. unsurprisingly the tickets for the actual exhibition for the next five days sold out nearly instantly – thankfully I went to the exhibition last year at the Titanic Quarter. It was amazing and really allows you to immerse yourself in the GoT world with costumes and paraphernalia including THE Iron Throne. Really worth a visit if you ever get an opportunity (& are a fan of the series).

I have another interview tomorrow so wish me luck. and I have a couple of book reviews coming soon – hopefully. I don’t know how many times I’ve written that now but I promise to try harder.




Book Resolutions 2014

So I was on my goodreads – nosie-ing around looking for new books and avoiding my essay- when I was I was disappointed to discover that I had just…just missed my 2013 Goodreads target of 50 books but just ONE book! This was frustrating because I had made my target, but a lot of my reads for 2013 were Re-reads and I didn’t count them but the main problem was simply that I had too much university work and too little funds :s Universities just don not understand that I have reading expectations!! 😀 Dissertations REALLY don’t care and I then moving and all the drama I have complained about before have got in the way.

However rather then shy away from this target as a failure I have reset my goal & decided to aim higher! So for this year I am aiming to read 75 (new?) books. This is a little ambitious but I am looking forward to the challenge and the opportunity to discover a couple of new authors/books that I’ve seen recently.

I’ve decided to set up a 2014 to-read list on my goodreads page in the hope of finding some interesting reads because I’ve been stuck in a little bit of a book rut this year & ended up doing more re-reads than new reads. The Bookriot blog has been great at generating new book recommendations as well as TheReadables on Youtube. But

I would love your recommendations for this as well and to hear what your aims or book recommendations for this year are.

Plus I’ve been going on a little bit of a book binge recently – there are so many books I want but trying to survive on hand luggage and squeezing in as many books as possible is not a good combination! While I would happily let my suitcase look like this however my family insisted I bring clothing and Christmas presents.

book suitcase

Bookriot is also where I saw this amazing Louis Vuitton library suitcase for the fabulously stylish booknerd. However much I lack style I totally want one of these for myself!!
LV book library

Heres hoping I can reach my target as well as keep up with my bloggie aspirations this year too! I will be travelling back to Edinburgh tomorrow and leaving my dear home again but not for too long! Have to enjoy the travelling while it lasts (and all of Edinburghs amazing book shops!!)

Maebhe x


New Year and Resolutions for 2014

As seems to be becoming a recurring pattern during my masters – I have time then I have none! So I’m here, apologising again for my extended silence on my poor blog but a New Year means a New opportunity to prioritise and re-motivate myself!

2013 has been a monumental year universally with the death of one of the worlds greatest Peace advocates and Humanitarians, Nelson Mandela through to the scientific developments seen with the lunar landing of Curiosity on Mars and the discoveries which have came from its successful landing through to the nerd-tastic developments with the growth of comic-con in the UK and ALL the BOOKS!!

But it has a huge year for me personally. And I feel that I have grown so much as a person and I feel that I have gotten braver and broaden my experiences so much and made myself proud!
As in July I graduated from Queens University Belfast with a Bachelors in History despite having a mild panic attack during my dissertation, panic induced more from a fear from leaving education for the first time and having to decide what I was going to do with my life.

It was this fear which caused my to finally pursue my Publishing dreams and applied to a Publishing Masters programme at Edinburgh Napier University. Investing in my future, I moved country and entered an entirely new course which has been an interesting and enjoyable experience despite my introduction to the Mac which has been an experience to say the least. As historians tend to fear computers in favour of text books which is definitely still my comfort zone 😀 but I have been able to adapt surprising myself and even influencing my future career aspirations.

I know in comparison to some people, even some of the lovely girls I have met and befriended in my course, who have travelled miles further and committed to a larger move etc. (Kudos ladies). But for myself I know I have been sheltered by my family. Especially by my dad who turned me into a little bit of a bubble wrap child. And I love my family and appreciate how much they have helped me throughout my education but I realised I needed to make a change for the better and allow myself to grow and become more independent. And in regards to my comment about becoming Braver, I know I have always been a little bit of a Bambi in a rather loud and boisterous family. And moving away has shocked a lot of people and “staying away” has surprised even more. But I didn’t want to become another member of my family who has been born, raised and stayed in my town all their lives, I want to see the world and experience new cultures and simply learn as much as I can.

So my resolutions for this year are quite simple and I am focusing more on just enjoying where I am right now and making the most of the opportunities in front of me in definition:
Carpe Diem!
Which translated from Latin means “Seize the Day!” Which is basically the Renaissance way of saying Yolo which I hope is a term which dies in 2014 😀
Instead of focusing on my fears and allowing my anxiety which I rarely talk about to anyone, take over I am going to focus on making the most of the present because as Eleanor Roosevelt said,

“Today is a gift that’s why we call it the Present.”

This means living my life to the full but also simply being happy because it is the things we don’t do which we will regret later in life and if I have some of this moments I regret missing now at 21 – I simply don’t want to add to this list!

Okay this is getting wayyyy too deep so ill finish here with my book/blog resolution. I cant promise to read a new book every month but I aim to post a blog bi-monthly. And have a book review every other month! fingers crossed!!

Finishing with the man who always says these things best….
neil gaiman

Love you all and be happy
And please let me know what your resolutions are or if you do resolutions?

Maebhe x

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Extended 21st birthday – friends edition


So its official I have some of the most awesome friends imaginable. While my birthday was officially on sunday June 23rd my two of my friends were only flying back into Northern Ireland on Sunday so we delayed our celebrations until Monday. But it was completely worth the wait.

So on Monday following my birthday I went into Belfast – and I made it in despite rail strikes meaning I was in late, being forced to take a bus (icky!) and then my elbow threatening to detach from my body by walking from the town to the girls house cause as always I kinda packed too much :).

On arrival Siobhan, Hannah and Lauren surprised me with really cute cupcakes and then after the usual giggling and catching up which ensues every time we went out to a local Italian restaurant called Scalini’s and ate some amazing pasta and dessert and I embarrassed myself by getting all emotional and may have released a tiny tear when they wrote/made me an amazing card. when we then went home and had more embarrassing and hilarious girl talk and the usual hair conversations slash tutorials while having Disney’s Treasure Plant playing in the background.

But the main adventure took place on Tuesday as we went (as well as a guy friend Ben from Uni) … To Belfast ZOO!!

Okay this probably seems a little childish for somebodies 21st but I had never been to any zoo before. Mainly because I DESPISE circus’s and I am a huge animal rights supporter so the thought of zoos always made me sad as a child. But the girls had been before and reassured me that it was a great zoo and I was happily surprise by my zoo experience and I had a lot of fun.

We had a great time and actually had great timing because we managed to see the penguins and the seals being feed and I literally took do many photos on my phone that I nearly killed my phone. Especially of the tigers who I fell in love with. They are soo beautiful and while I appreciated the opportunity to see them it still made me wish to see them in the wild. The wolves weren’t in a sociable mood but we did have a magical experience when we visited the moon bears.

So my dear friend Siobhan, fellow booknerd, had went around the zoo talking to every animal she saw like it was a child, whispering and cooing. At first I giggled but it later became clear that she is secretly a magical anime girl. Because when we went to see the moon bears, a beautiful bear was yellow crescent markings on its chest explaining its name, but with terribly sad treatment in some parts of China as they are cruelly caged so the gall bladder can be drain for some hokum medicine. But these bears, there were two in this inclosure, both separately came up to Siobhan on the other side of the glass. Seeming to follow her cooing, coming right up to her and seeming to say hi. 🙂 If it had been one it would have been a awesome fluke but both, separately has secured her in my opinion as a magical Bear Whisperer. One of the photos I managed to snap with her first encounter are in the gallery below. (with her permission I asked first).

These girls have made not only my birthday the best ever but also have made my entire uni experience! I don’t know if I would have survived final year without them. So this post is mostly a giant thank you to them. And thank you for sharing your graduation days/week with me, you’s made it extra special despite the ridiculous amount of rain. 🙂

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Game of Thrones Exhibition, Belfast 2013

Game of Thrones exhibition

Admittedly I am fairly new to the Game of Thrones franchise. I finally started reading the first book and watching the first series, but it was a slightly daunting process. Because it is such a well established series with thousands of loyal followers. Plus willingly putting myself into emotional jeopardy, because it is well known that George R.R. Martin is a cruel, cruel author ( 😀 ), who openly enjoys creating fears within the read, daring them to fall in love with a character, yet keep reading. Knowing that the executioners sword is just hanging over their heads – taunting you.

“I want my readers and viewers to be afraid to turn the page.”
-George R.R. Martin

Annoyingly his reasoning for this cruel treatment is valid and understandable. He wanted the bring back that childhood fear for the hero, because in classic novels the reader had lost their fear for the hero, basically knowing that he was going to survive whatever disaster was in their way, maybe not unscathed but alive and probably with a happy ending. And his books renew that fear and is part of the appeal of his books, despite the devastation which often occurs from reading them.

For Lack of a Better Comic :: A Storm of Sadness.

But my good friend Sio, whose tumblr can be found here: , convinced me to give them a go and three chapters and I was hooked!!

An exciting additional element is that a large part of the GofT’s tv show is filmed in Belfast, in Northern Ireland. Which is so excited because to be honest Ireland can be quite boring but this is in my back yard and pretty dame cool. Plus it presents the possibility to breath the same air as Khal Drogo/Jason Momoa (holds in sob) and Emilia Clarke/Daenerys Targaryen.

So I have finished university and I am currently in suspended animation because I am waiting for university results and responses from other universities for Masters, as well as other stuff which is making me wait. So I have been filling my time with work, both retail and hair, and just hanging out with my friends. This resulted in my adventure at the Game of Thrones Exhibition which was in Belfast ( but ended on Monday the 17th of June, with Sio and Lauz and it was FREE! 🙂

It was an awesome day because the exhibit was full of props and costumes from the show. Ranging from the weapons of the Starks thru to the white walkers. Ned starks sword for example is ridiculously huge, and yes over compensating jokes were made at this point. 🙂 The costumes were amazing, because they not only looked authentic but they created a sense of realism with the characters. The best example is that of Emilia Clarke because her costumes are tiny. Serious I knew she was short at only 5 ft 1, but she is skinny as a matchstick too and I’m not big but standing beside her costume made me feel huge. 😀 My favourite part which there have been some hints at was Daenerys exhibit because of the costumes and photos with Drogo but also because of the dragons. Especially the dragon egg props, one of which was apparently given to George R. R. martin on his wedding day which I thought was pretty cool.

OOO and cant forget one of the biggest reasons for going to the exhibition – the opportunity to sit on the Iron Throne and have my very own Khalessi moment. 🙂 But I took quite a few photos as did the girls I went with so I thought id put up a few of my favourites.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know if any of you’s got to see it and what you’s thought, or even just your favourite picture.

Love Maebhe x

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Tea Blog: The Civil Wars

Im Cured!!! At last!!

Okay so i have had a bit of a crappy Oct. – so not how i want to spend my build up hallowe’en and sadly cost me in regard to the originality of my costume but my oct. was improve dramarically by the invite from one of my closest friends from Uni invited me to go to the Civil Wars concert with her on sunday 28th of Oct. in Belfast.

But out it mildly the concert was awesome!!

And to make the experience even more awesome the opening act was the Lumineers.

Probably not a band you would recognise right away but their song “Ho Hey” has been really big this summer thanks to its use in the E-on electricity advert and the ‘Hairdo’s and Holidays’ episode of Hart of Dixie (which is a good show 🙂 ). But their whole set was actually amazing and really got the crowd excited and pepped up for the Civil Wars performance. Even tho the Civil Wars music is usually quite sweet and mellow. Their performance provided that indie vibe before and a little more upbeat.

O and excitedly i got to meet the Lumineers during the break between the two sets, and they were very nice. And i got their cd and all three members signed my c.d. 🙂 fan girl moment!! lol

So after i ran back to my friends and squished my way through the crowds , because we’d gotten a pretty good spot kinda close to the stage so it was jam-packed!! But totally worth it.

So next the actual Civil Wars came on for their set. This is a singing duo, made up of Joy Williams and John-Paul White. There stlye is really difficult to describe, because it kinda touches on folk, country, indie…something awesome-ness!! 🙂

So they performed a 45minute show and performed a really good range of their songs like I have this Friend, Twenty years and a new song finished with a cover of Billy Jean. And it was actually a lot of fun because they actually interacted with the crowd alot, especially one guy who shouted that he loved Joy Williams and they messed with him, Joy told John-Paul “aww someone loves you” and his reply was like “thank you, but im pretty sure your a dude” only to get a reply that “he didnt mind, but only on wednesdays”. So it was just funny amd made it even better. And i attempted to take photos but as im sure you can see they werent fabulous and some short videos i put up on Youtube for me and my friend.

And i love and really want Joy Williams dress, it was soo cute and she totally does not look she just had a baby over the summer. And note they are not a married couple – and yes i was disappointed too 🙂 cause listening to them, they seem to have such a connection but apparently its more a sibling connection/Twin Link that relationshipy type tie.

DO any of you’s like this duo? Let me know what  you’s think 🙂