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In a recent post I mentioned my I have been having a little bit of a crafting binge as of late due to the ridiculous amount of spare time I have had recently but I know this will again go on a little bit of a decline as uni starts up again tomorrow “sigh…someone remind me why I wanted to do a masters again?”. However I am really wanting to try and keep working on this and give myself a goal for the end of this year- which may seem like a really long time but you will understand soon.

So my craft of choice is crocheting. Which is a method of producing garments or ornaments etc using wool and a crochet hook. This is something that my Granny G started teaching when I was quite young and it did take me a while to get a nack for it as according to my Granny I am the worlds tightest crocheter – this is the also the main reason I completely abandoned trying to learn how to Knit – the whole two needles seemed impossible for my hands to master :). But in recent years I have rediscover my love for crochet and have been able to advance my skills and learn how to make some pretty cool things.

So I was think of sharing a few of my creations & new projects with you all here & see of any one was interested?
I might also think about doing a basic tutorial however there are so many good online tutorials/bloggers I don’t think I could compete lol! One of my favourites is a blog called Attic24 so check her out if your interested in learning a few new skills πŸ™‚


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Teacup and Book Haul!

Hello again my lovelies,
Sadly this week has not gone exactly as planned. I had hoped to be visiting my friend in the apparently beautiful city of York- unfortunately evil train websites caused the price of the tickets to flux from Β£40 to Β£75 which I just couldn’t afford for a three day trip 😦 . This has resulted in me having a whole lot of spare time to float about Edinburgh, craft and to do hair experiments. Me plus too much spare time in January is always a dangerous thing because I honestly get bored very easily, and I find that there is a huge difference for me between enjoying my own company voluntarily and spending the day reading or crafting and having jack all else to do and therefore have no choice but to be on my own – suddenly the thought is not as appealing as it usually is. And often results in spenditure which is not healthy for the bank account in January which is always a little sad looking. sigh

This has resulted in a lot of walking but I did manage to squeeze in one fun day with my Edinburgh girlie’s before they had their own adventures to go off on. We ended up walking to the top of Arthurs seat and taking a drive out to the Fourth bridge and even over into Fife. But that is for another blog post because I need to check if the girls are okay with being on here, but I will fill you in on that adventure as soon as!

However first to my January mug haul- this is my first haul other than books so im very excited to show you’s everything.

The first mug was actually a gift from my amazing Portuguese flatmate here in Edinburgh – I had no idea she would get me anything so I am working on making it up to her already! But she brought me back from her travels home over Christmas a Portugal Starbucks mug! I love the Starbucks city mugs and this is my third as I already own a Northern Ireland one which I bought simply to bring to Edi- Represent haha :D. But I also own a Paris mug from my travels there just over a year ago now. And I love them both, so this will be a lovely addition to my collection!

Next was a little splurge for myself! I was in my local Sainbury’s just grabbing a couple of last minute things I needed to cook for this evening and at the little shelves next to till was a little sale display of their little Christmas sets! I ended up picking a really cute little set of animal teacups made up of patchwork fabric patterns! πŸ˜€
I’ve already christened the little Robin mug with my milk and honey before bed recipe. While I love Robins and name the ones which come to my garden every winter, I also have a love for ducks so I think might be my favourite.

And finally I got a mini book haul. The Armchair book shop in Edinburgh is literally the best second hand book shop I’ve ever been to!! The books I ended up buying were books two, three and four in Naomi Novak’s Temeraire series. I already own the first one which I found in an Oxfam charity book shop in Belfast last year in the old edition hardback. And I walked into the Armchair bookshop just for a little noisie and spotted these three books side by side – all of them hardback with two and three having the old edition covers and the fourth having the fancy new edition cover with the built in bookmark ribbon which I love! I was an absolute find and a steal at only Β£9 for all three hardbacks (that’s with a little bit of student discount too). But for books which retail in Waterstones etc for Β£14-15 each- this is amazing!! πŸ˜€

I hope you’s enjoyed this little haul! I am currently working on a crafting/crochet project which isn’t something I’ve ever posted about but is something I love to do and is a great stress reliever! (And really handy for cheap and easy Christmas presents) So I might put a little post up and see if anyone’s interested. I’m also working on my first post for my second blog Moxie Maebhe, which is going to a hair tutorial for doing rag curls and a little blog on the experimenting I’ve been doing with them to achieve good curls without all the heat damage I was suffering from using a curling iron. But ill out a little note up here when its done. And finally I finished Christine feehans Dark Wolf and it was awesome so lets hope I can get a review up soon! (fingers crossed)

Thank you & Mwah!
I’ll be back soon,
Maebhe xx

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Tea Blog: Long needed Catch up!

Hello my tea lovelies,
I am ashamed to say that this is the longest leave of absence I have yet on my little blog but my life is currently in the middle of a serious transition. I have moved house 3 times in my life and I have never moved beyond my little town in Northern Ireland. Now however I have taken the plunge and after successfully graduating from Queens University this July, I got accepted into Napier University in Edinburgh! So it is time for one giant move and a huge leap in the hope of achieving my career dreams – working for a publishing house.

So tea, and today cookie, in hand, its time for an update.

Last we spoke, I have just finished celebrating my 21st birthday, first with my family at home and then with my friends from Uni. It was an amazing weekend, especially since I don’t really celebrate my birthday due to the time of year most people are away on holidays etc, plus being the centre of attention is not exactly my favourite thing in the world. I also mentioned a special birthday present that I was waiting to receive in the post – this was my 14″ Cambridge Satchel bag in purple. I am completely in love with it. This I received from my parents and I divered and divered over whether I should let them buy it, because I don’t spend that kind of money on a bag of all things. However my mum convinced me that it was a life long present that would age with me and it is even more perfect now that I am going back to uni for another year. Its still in its box, bubble wrap & all. I am determined I am going to do a box opening & review video. I will be brave!

Now I am in the middle of organising everything I need for the year to live. I’ve bought cutlery, plates & bathroom cleaning products for the first time ever! I feel seriously grown up. As well as the painful experience of organising my finances for the year. :s However one life saver has been thrown my way during this whole process & that was with work. I currently work in a Nike Outlet store in Ireland, and thanks to my lovely boss & my soon to be boss – I have been transferred. This is one giant rock lifted from my shoulders, meaning one less thing to worry about once I move. That word, move, is seriously starting to stress me out.

Stress has been the main reason for my absence. As it has caused me to have a serious case of readers block. Even tho I have a growing tower of unread books I cant seem to pick up anything new. I am stuck re-reading favourite books, & as tacky as it may seem to some, romance novels have been one of my absolute life lines at the minute. I my case specifically historical romances, as they appeal to the historian in me, even those which make me want to write an author & their editor a letter explaining some of their historical mistakes so they don’t repeat them :), but these books, the likes of Lynsay Sands, Johanna Lindsey and Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon, all guarantee a little thrill, a lot of romance and a happy ending. Which just help me to de-stress and feel better. I might do a mini, collective review on these. However they are all quite old and people have probably read them, so am never sure if people would be interested.
Opinions please?

However the only reason I have managed to make it this far with only minimal stress acne and panic attacks is thanks to my English Besties Hannah and Siobhan. However I have to throw out a special shout out to Siobhan, without whom, my parents probably would have had to institutionalise me. Even while on away on holiday with Hannah, She has been sharing my stress and tolerating our many phone dates/rants, as she is in a similar situation, moving to do a masters. I owe her serious hugs when I next get to see her, I hope she knows how much I appreciate her – so this is my little way of letting her know for certain. mwah!

But not only is my life crazy but my extended family too. On one side of the family there have been two engagements and on the other side there have been two new additions to the family, only six weeks apart. Which means lots of presents and parties to celebrate. And finally my brother and a couple of my numerous cousins have been receiving their examination results this week for gcse and alevels. Stressful again but successful for the most part.:)

So I mostly just wanted to say a little thank you for sticking with me and I hope yous are willing to continue to stay with me during my adventures in Scotland which I am planning to do more kinda travels blogs on. As I have never been to Scotland so I want to share my first visit with yous.

I Love and appreciate all my Tea Buddies, & I promise it wont be as long until my next update & hopefully my readers block will end too as my stress levels decline, so reviews too. And here is a link if anyone wants to try the White chocolate and Cranberry cookies I baked and I am currently enjoying. They are seriously delicious!

Maebhe x

p.s I also have a craft project on the way. As I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I crochet? πŸ™‚ Would you’s like to learn how to make these little spring flowers?