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December Book Haul

So Christmas is over, the madness of the new year has passed, resolutions have been made and broken and life is slowly returning to normal. So this felt like a good time to pull out the books i received over the holiday period and have only recently had a chance to properly look at.

To any who have followed my book related content for a while now these have a slightly different theme from normal, as most of my books to date have been heavily focused on fantasy and urban fantasy with little straying. In comparison these books were gifted as part of my plans for this year, inspired by my recently purchased Sewing Machine.

I bought this with absolutely no background knowledge of sewing, only a passion for vintage and a long held wish to give sewing a shot. A little bit spontaneous for me when it comes to my usual shopping habits but i am really excited. So as part of my Christmas pressies my family got me a few sewing machine and general sewing books starting from the foundations of using a machine through to simple projects and tutorials.

I also bought myself this book called the Teeny Tiny Gardening book by Emma Hardy which includes inspiration for the little terrariums i love the grow/design as well as a lot of inspirations for using succulents in small places. Its a lovely little book with some beautiful photography in it.
   My last purchase was a more recent one, last weekend to be precise and it appealed to the book nerd in me so much that i simply could not walk away without purchasing it for myself.

In the following picture you can see the Harry Potter book clutch i managed to purchase at the local St Georges Market in Belfast. Now sadly i don’t know where else you would be able to purchase this awesome bag but if i can find a link i will add it below or share it on my social media somewhere.
   When i saw this book clutch it was the only Harry Potter one left in between a couple of other random books. only after i purchased it was a shown by the lovely lady at the stall that it  came with a Harry potter coin purse as well as a long shoulder strap chain which suits me better than just a clutch bag, because i am usually too lazy for clutch bags.

The only slight peeve i have with this purchase is that the cover is the american title version, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone rather than Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. But i still love it and can’t wait to use it, but i don’t think i’ll be using this as a work bag.

So I am going to start a new series to keep a record of how my sewing experience develops and share any skills i manage to develop as part of this adventure. If any of you would like to learn how to use a sewing machine alongside me and i hope this is something that you would be interested in, i would love to hear what you think about this idea and what you would like to learn about if there is anything specific.

Short but sweet,


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Dark Hunter Re-Read : Dance with the Devil

I am subscribed to Sherrilyn Kenyon’s newsletter and have been for a long time, however ive been a fan of her series for an even longer period of time! As her Dark Hunter series was one of the first urban fantasy series i discovered and represents of my biggest series collections i own.

image2 (1)

  This isn’t all of the books, its just the biggest collective image i could get & they are mostly in order 🙂 

 However as with many long series, when you discover a series in the middle it’s fun and exciting to binge! Buying books back to back and watching the series progress as your own pace -which in case was quite fast, especially in high school when i had more time and money to spend on just reading! But the series progressed and naturally got more complex, spliting apart into a number of sub plots and eventually creating a Y.A. back story which developed into an independent series for one of the main characters throughout the books, Nick Gautier. (Love him as a character and the YA series is really good.) This meant longer breaks between publications and therefore mentally a slower plot progression. I never lost any love for the series yet somehow i lost contact with the series and i am now a number of books behind.

SO! When i saw the email from Ms. Kenyon’s site discussing the Dark-Hunter Re-read it was the perfect excuse to rediscover some old loves and hopefully get back into the over plot structure. With the end goal of catching up with the publications i haven’t read, seeing what ive been missing out on and hopefully introduce some new readers to this amazingly funny and action packed, romantic urban fantasy series!

rain quote

 One of my favourite quote in life which i discovered from this series and my favourite book!

So the re-read is already a couple of books into the series. However this is exciting for me as the next book being read is Dance with the Devil (Book 3). This book is one of my absolute favourites! Zarek, our male protagonist, is one of those perfect damaged heroes who is really a marshmallow inside in need of a little love. This book also introduced me to another classic children’s novel i hadn’t heard of called The Little Prince which i just had to buy and my first time re-reading this book after reading The little Prince added even more layers to our damaged hero and made his romance with Astrid, our leading lady, all the better.

The humour in this book has already brought back so many memories of why i loved this series and this writer. Her dry wit has me in stitches but it also provides an insight into the characters that other writers can’t often capture. I am about two thirds of the way through and another rediscover was the historical undertones in this series –  as the fantasy element in this series is inspired from Greek Mythology – which as a history graduate with a love for ancient history just pushes all the right buttons for me!

If Sherrilyn Kenyon is a new author to you, i would highly recommend getting involved in the re-read or even just picking up one of her books they are truly amazing. She also writes an awesome Sci-Fi series. But i will be back on this book soon with a short review – don’t want to spoil anything.

But if you do give these books a chance or you already love the Dark Hunter series let me know your thoughts below!

Maebhe x

 p.s. a sneak peek of the madness which occurred in one of my bookcases trying to clear some space to find this series – book addicts raise your hands?… 🙂



Tea blog: Freedom & Book Haul

Cuppa: Coffee

Snackage: Pecans

Watching: Orphan Black


It has been two months of being buried under a thousand sheets of paper dissecting and analysing the young adult publishing in relation to the growth of social media in the twenty first century – some of which was enjoyable, especially my discussion on the power of Harry potter on the genre. However almost 15,000 words later, it is now complete and handed in and i am free!

The stress of the last couple of months resulted in a through re-enactment of Dobby’s final scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with my mum

“Dobby is Freeee”

So i am back with a vengeance and a lot of books that i am dying to read and hoping to get to reviews up 🙂 I have missed writing for fun rather than writing for another university project. The thought of writing a review on top of my scheduled writing for the day was too much to bear.


However my first means of celebrating was a book I had pre-ordered about a month ago, Dark Skye by Kresley Cole. It arrived a little early so i had to make my mum hide it from me before i had a chance of even opening it….the desperate measures of a self confessed book addict. 😀

I have already finished it and it was surprising in so many ways. It was a great read and really different from her previous characters and i loved how it has progressed the series. However i shan’t say too much because i hoping to do a proper review soon.

As for the rest of my haul i rewarded myself by buying a couple of books i have been dying to read. The first is Rogue by Katy Evans, a book i discussed in my last post in July. It only came out and i had hoped to take part in its online launch however whenever i worked out the time in relation to my dissertation it just wasn’t possible –  maybe next time.

Next I had a little Waterstones binge. I have been immersed in the young adult  genre for months now and I has introduced me to a number of new authors and new releases from authors I already enjoy.

The first book I got at Waterstones is The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black. I have always been a huge fan of Holly Blacks books. I started with her books The Spiderwick Chronicles which she wrote with Tony Diterlizzi. Its an awesome series and her book the White Cat is another unique take on the magic genre. But the reviews on Coldtown were intriguing. It seems to be more of a YA urban fantasy horror than any of the cliché paranormal romances which are popular on the market at the moment and with with Holly’s writing ability your new its gonna be good.

My final book and possibly the book I’m most excited to read is the final book in Stephanie Perkins trilogy, Isla and the Happily Ever After. I absolutely adore her first book Anna and the French Kiss, It is one of those books I can re read – partly because Stephanie Perkins is an amazing author, her writing style has a realism which allows you to invest in her characters and the situations. And often results in much daydreaming about its locations and situations. I am half way through Isla and Josh’s story and I AM IN LOVE!! More coming about this book and series soon.


But once again im glad to be back writing and reading i have missed this so much.




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Teacup and Book Haul!

Hello again my lovelies,
Sadly this week has not gone exactly as planned. I had hoped to be visiting my friend in the apparently beautiful city of York- unfortunately evil train websites caused the price of the tickets to flux from £40 to £75 which I just couldn’t afford for a three day trip 😦 . This has resulted in me having a whole lot of spare time to float about Edinburgh, craft and to do hair experiments. Me plus too much spare time in January is always a dangerous thing because I honestly get bored very easily, and I find that there is a huge difference for me between enjoying my own company voluntarily and spending the day reading or crafting and having jack all else to do and therefore have no choice but to be on my own – suddenly the thought is not as appealing as it usually is. And often results in spenditure which is not healthy for the bank account in January which is always a little sad looking. sigh

This has resulted in a lot of walking but I did manage to squeeze in one fun day with my Edinburgh girlie’s before they had their own adventures to go off on. We ended up walking to the top of Arthurs seat and taking a drive out to the Fourth bridge and even over into Fife. But that is for another blog post because I need to check if the girls are okay with being on here, but I will fill you in on that adventure as soon as!

However first to my January mug haul- this is my first haul other than books so im very excited to show you’s everything.

The first mug was actually a gift from my amazing Portuguese flatmate here in Edinburgh – I had no idea she would get me anything so I am working on making it up to her already! But she brought me back from her travels home over Christmas a Portugal Starbucks mug! I love the Starbucks city mugs and this is my third as I already own a Northern Ireland one which I bought simply to bring to Edi- Represent haha :D. But I also own a Paris mug from my travels there just over a year ago now. And I love them both, so this will be a lovely addition to my collection!

Next was a little splurge for myself! I was in my local Sainbury’s just grabbing a couple of last minute things I needed to cook for this evening and at the little shelves next to till was a little sale display of their little Christmas sets! I ended up picking a really cute little set of animal teacups made up of patchwork fabric patterns! 😀
I’ve already christened the little Robin mug with my milk and honey before bed recipe. While I love Robins and name the ones which come to my garden every winter, I also have a love for ducks so I think might be my favourite.

And finally I got a mini book haul. The Armchair book shop in Edinburgh is literally the best second hand book shop I’ve ever been to!! The books I ended up buying were books two, three and four in Naomi Novak’s Temeraire series. I already own the first one which I found in an Oxfam charity book shop in Belfast last year in the old edition hardback. And I walked into the Armchair bookshop just for a little noisie and spotted these three books side by side – all of them hardback with two and three having the old edition covers and the fourth having the fancy new edition cover with the built in bookmark ribbon which I love! I was an absolute find and a steal at only £9 for all three hardbacks (that’s with a little bit of student discount too). But for books which retail in Waterstones etc for £14-15 each- this is amazing!! 😀

I hope you’s enjoyed this little haul! I am currently working on a crafting/crochet project which isn’t something I’ve ever posted about but is something I love to do and is a great stress reliever! (And really handy for cheap and easy Christmas presents) So I might put a little post up and see if anyone’s interested. I’m also working on my first post for my second blog Moxie Maebhe, which is going to a hair tutorial for doing rag curls and a little blog on the experimenting I’ve been doing with them to achieve good curls without all the heat damage I was suffering from using a curling iron. But ill out a little note up here when its done. And finally I finished Christine feehans Dark Wolf and it was awesome so lets hope I can get a review up soon! (fingers crossed)

Thank you & Mwah!
I’ll be back soon,
Maebhe xx

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Post Dissertation/Degree Book Haul

So my life has recently been a whirlwind of university madness, full of dissertations, essays, exams and plain old stress. Now I have finally finished my exams and handed in my corrected, proof read and bound dissertation and I have been off for just under a week now. The stress hasn’t really decreased any, because the stress and worry has just moved on to postgraduate options and just trying to organise graduation. So I am in a little bit of denial that university is over and I have to enter the adult world of careers.
So how does a book nerd deal stress and fears for the future: by going on a Book Binge! 😀

So I have been on an internet hiatus for quite a while now, because I needed to focus on my university work. but now until the end of June I have some free time i get to catch up in all the books that I missed. Plus book shopping is just really relaxing for me. My last trip book shopping was actually today with my friend Sio, while Laur was shoe shopping and poor Hanna was stuck in the library finishing off her last project. But i was good, because i only bought one book and i was getting part of my dads birthday/fathers day present. (ssshhhh…don’t tell) 😀 So i thought my first blog back had to be a run down of the books i got and what im currently reading.

Tea in hand: check! Lets go 🙂
The first group of books a new bought books which I bought for myself. The top row are from Waterstones and the bottom row are from Blackwell which is the bookshop at Queens university and they had a three for two offer. So I got the next in the Game of Throne series. The song of Achilles is an alt history focused on the story of The Illiad by Homer, which I am really excited about reading because I have only heard good things about. Finally its World War Z which is very different read for me, Zombies aren’t really my thing but a friend recommended it and now there’s the movie so I am really interested in trying something different.

The Waterstones books are mostly books continuing in different series’, so obviously I’m dying to read them because they are series I’m invested in. Especially the Patricia Briggs book, Frost Burned. This is the book I’m currently reading and its a series I’m completely in love with. The characters are just amazing as id the plot. But put werewolves in most things and I’ll read it. That’s way I picked up the other book, The trouble with Fate. Its not an author or series I’ve ever read before but it sounds pretty good.


These books are my vintage choices, because I never manage to fit enough classics into my reading list. Both of these are recommended reads from the booktuber The Readables and from what I’ve read about Ready Player One, it sounds very Tron/Swordart Online like so it should be pretty good. And Capture the Castle is written by the woman who wrote 101 Dalmations and is more romance/historical but it sounds really good too.


These are both second hand books from the Oxfam bookshop. I don’t really know anything about them but thought I’d give them a try. I’ll let you’s know more when I give them a try, good or bad.


These are the books I’m reading right now, I finished Dragons Bound and it was really good, because honestly I’m loving dragons in my fantasy at the moment and she took a very different take on them from what I’m used to like in Throne of Jade, which is the second in the series and I’ve already done a review on the first one Temeraire, and its an alt history focused on the Napoleonic Wars. But as usual it a lot of straight up fantasy, i like my dream worlds. But if you’s want more details on any please ask, i want to know what books you’s are interested in.



These last two are kindle purchases (obviously), the first is Abbi Glines, The Vincent boys, a great YA series, full of romance, drama and teen angst. 🙂 What’s there not to love.
The last is another book by Neil Gaiman and I own most of his randomly an offer came up on his facebook page to get this book for free on Kindle/Amazon. So I love Neil Gaiman he inspired the name of my twitter and my YouTube (which has nothing on it) so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it regardless.

I had a photo of my book mountain on my facebook this week after finishing uni and I think I even had my friends worried who are used to my reading habits. Because it grown so big because there was a third again of re-reads. But it makes me happy.

Let me know what your reading or what books I have that your interested in find out more about or you’d like a review on.

Thank you as always,

Love Maebhe