Tea Blog: Sewing adventures

So the blog has been quite for a couple of weeks now because i have attempted a couple of big projects as part of my sewing adventures and as creative fodder for the blog. One turned out quite well, not quite perfect but i am very happy with it. Another was completed but didn’t turn out as well as i hoped and it was this project which swallowed up the majority of my time. These projects were a kimono/cardigan and a huge tulle skirt- none of these designs were my own i took a lot of advice from an awesome blog/Youtuber called WithWendy as well as an amalgamation of advice from numerous Pinterest posts.


So…. sensible Maebhe went out the window when it came to experimenting with my new sewing machine and i went straight to a huge project with many complicated seams and techniques. Now it was eventually able to complete the cardigan ( this is project 2 mentioned above) however the shape, fit and look of the overall piece is a little rough and unpolished & therefore isn’t something i will probably ever wear. However i am proud of how much i learned in the process and would genuinely feel less intimidated when it comes to taking on another big project in the future. I also learned that velvet is one of the worst fabrics to try and learn to sew on. It sheds while being cut, it sticks to itself constantly when you put the right sides together to try and measure any templates out and is super slidie when the satin side is down.

However since completing the cardigan i have been thinking on how to use it as i don’t want it to go to waste. So i’m thinking since i heading to London in June to see the Harry Potter theater show i am going to purchase a Gryffindor patch to attach and make it a Gryffindor…. dressing gown…? 🙂 I will be wearing potter stuff from head to toe with my besties so i doubt anyone will judge but its an idea, we will see.

 It’s Sunday which means no make up and therefore my face ain’t made for the blog right now.

Tulle Skirt 

I was really happy with how this project turned out despite losing an entire weekend sewing layers of tulle together. Now before you judge, i realise its not perfect – the waistband needs a little work, and its very puffy therefore making me look a little bit like a Gothic cupcake but i really love it.

Like i mentioned in the intro- i got a lot of the basic skills from WithWendy and she tutorial are awesome but i still felt like her work was a little advanced for myself (see project 1) so when i came to creating this project i adjusted the foundation for the skirt by skipping the creation of an underskirt and used a body-con skirt that i never wear (it was a random purchase during high school). And then created the rows and rows and ROWS of tulle. Running two single stitch rows along the top of each of the rows and then pulling the opposite end of each row to create scrunching and then attached the accumulated layers to the skirt in a slightly tiered design.

9 layers of fine tulle in 3 rows / 4 layers of course tulle in 2 rows

 This ultimately resulted in a huge puffy skirt which i adore – which totally gave me flash backs to high school and my My Chemical Romance days and Helena – leave me a comment if you see it! And my Nike tee is probably not the best combo but who cares, because after all the rows of stitches i had used to attach the tulle it had affected how stretchy the skirt was, so it was a small miracle that i was able to get it on over my more than generous butt. And i loved my Princess Leia hair buns this day, they totally haven’t turned out this well since.

Please check out Wendy’s blog she can properly advise how to do something like this compare to me who depend on rough doodles example above.

I hope you enjoy and i will hopefully take you on my next fabric shopping trip and keep you up to date on my sew adventures.




Tea Blog: Long needed Catch up!

Hello my tea lovelies,
I am ashamed to say that this is the longest leave of absence I have yet on my little blog but my life is currently in the middle of a serious transition. I have moved house 3 times in my life and I have never moved beyond my little town in Northern Ireland. Now however I have taken the plunge and after successfully graduating from Queens University this July, I got accepted into Napier University in Edinburgh! So it is time for one giant move and a huge leap in the hope of achieving my career dreams – working for a publishing house.

So tea, and today cookie, in hand, its time for an update.

Last we spoke, I have just finished celebrating my 21st birthday, first with my family at home and then with my friends from Uni. It was an amazing weekend, especially since I don’t really celebrate my birthday due to the time of year most people are away on holidays etc, plus being the centre of attention is not exactly my favourite thing in the world. I also mentioned a special birthday present that I was waiting to receive in the post – this was my 14″ Cambridge Satchel bag in purple. I am completely in love with it. This I received from my parents and I divered and divered over whether I should let them buy it, because I don’t spend that kind of money on a bag of all things. However my mum convinced me that it was a life long present that would age with me and it is even more perfect now that I am going back to uni for another year. Its still in its box, bubble wrap & all. I am determined I am going to do a box opening & review video. I will be brave!

Now I am in the middle of organising everything I need for the year to live. I’ve bought cutlery, plates & bathroom cleaning products for the first time ever! I feel seriously grown up. As well as the painful experience of organising my finances for the year. :s However one life saver has been thrown my way during this whole process & that was with work. I currently work in a Nike Outlet store in Ireland, and thanks to my lovely boss & my soon to be boss – I have been transferred. This is one giant rock lifted from my shoulders, meaning one less thing to worry about once I move. That word, move, is seriously starting to stress me out.

Stress has been the main reason for my absence. As it has caused me to have a serious case of readers block. Even tho I have a growing tower of unread books I cant seem to pick up anything new. I am stuck re-reading favourite books, & as tacky as it may seem to some, romance novels have been one of my absolute life lines at the minute. I my case specifically historical romances, as they appeal to the historian in me, even those which make me want to write an author & their editor a letter explaining some of their historical mistakes so they don’t repeat them :), but these books, the likes of Lynsay Sands, Johanna Lindsey and Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon, all guarantee a little thrill, a lot of romance and a happy ending. Which just help me to de-stress and feel better. I might do a mini, collective review on these. However they are all quite old and people have probably read them, so am never sure if people would be interested.
Opinions please?

However the only reason I have managed to make it this far with only minimal stress acne and panic attacks is thanks to my English Besties Hannah and Siobhan. However I have to throw out a special shout out to Siobhan, without whom, my parents probably would have had to institutionalise me. Even while on away on holiday with Hannah, She has been sharing my stress and tolerating our many phone dates/rants, as she is in a similar situation, moving to do a masters. I owe her serious hugs when I next get to see her, I hope she knows how much I appreciate her – so this is my little way of letting her know for certain. mwah!

But not only is my life crazy but my extended family too. On one side of the family there have been two engagements and on the other side there have been two new additions to the family, only six weeks apart. Which means lots of presents and parties to celebrate. And finally my brother and a couple of my numerous cousins have been receiving their examination results this week for gcse and alevels. Stressful again but successful for the most part.:)

So I mostly just wanted to say a little thank you for sticking with me and I hope yous are willing to continue to stay with me during my adventures in Scotland which I am planning to do more kinda travels blogs on. As I have never been to Scotland so I want to share my first visit with yous.

I Love and appreciate all my Tea Buddies, & I promise it wont be as long until my next update & hopefully my readers block will end too as my stress levels decline, so reviews too. And here is a link if anyone wants to try the White chocolate and Cranberry cookies I baked and I am currently enjoying. They are seriously delicious!

Maebhe x

p.s I also have a craft project on the way. As I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that I crochet? 🙂 Would you’s like to learn how to make these little spring flowers?