Tea Blog: Life Reboot

So hello to a new year!

I took some time out before Christmas for stress reasons as work was absolutely bananas and completely killed any writing inspiration/imagination my body held. However the world has calmed down thankfully and i have felt the writing void return, Yayyyy!

And i know i have written New Years resolution posts and their ilk before but i don’t want to go back there as i have learned that my tendency to set ‘goals’, sets me up for failure rather than aspiring to achieve as much as i can. They hover above my head like vultures  waiting for me to give up…and something i have learned in the last year is that my life in N.I. and current career, does not always accommodate a regular posting schedule as much as i wish i could. So as much i have been revitalised by the new year, my ambition is simply to write content which is as good as it possibly can be, as regularly as possible, and to take new challenges by diversifying my content.

In regards to reading I’m not goin near any (insert no. of books here) challenges. I have tried the fifty book challenges before & it has taken the love out of reading while I try to read anything quick & easy for numbers. So instead I am just going to focus on authors I love as well as reading so more classics and diversifying to read more factual books, my first being the biography of Vivienne Westwood, which is really interesting. And maybe investigate some more comic books if u can find somewhere to start, any advise or recommendations in the comments are welcome!

This is while i continue to job hunt for my next challenge. I realise i have only finished my probation period, which is truly the most depressing part of job hunting, voluntarily re-entering that ‘no-mans land’ of employment where i get to tell people, “Yes i did get a new job” while my insides turn into jellied snakes at the continuous fear of spontaneous firing, even while my inner cheerleader screams, “You can do this!”. I have my qualifications i just need more experience and to continue looking for those opportunities that will challenge me and allow me to grow. So, NO SETTLING.

Next, I am going to craft more. While i have struggled to find time write and make myself sit down at a internet device after sitting at a pc all day in work, i have been able to take time to craft (crochet) more. I have found that this is one way to get my brain to relax, especially after a rubbishy work day. As it takes all my focus and stops my brain wondering and going down the rabbit hole. As part of this aspiration i recently bought myself a sewing machine. I have never used a sewing machine…never touched one before mine came in the post. So its a entirely new challenge but is something i have always wanted to try, especially when it comes to altering vintage clothes and maybe one day creating something entirely by myself. So i bought my machine, have booked myself a beginners class and have overloaded a Pinterest board with sewing ideas and templates.

Let me stick in the obligatory ‘be healthier’, but only in the most general sense. Mainly because my current job has me stuck in a little room all day compared to my previous retail job which involved a lot of running around, meaning that the exercise i used to do everyday has been lost. So i simply want to take more time in the evenings to get my little Buddy out on more walks and get myself moving more. This is also a great way to air out my brain and allow myself to digitally detox between work and blog.

It was too wet today so here is an old beach photo


I have already started by taking a drive up the coast and having a morning walking the beaches with my fluffy companion, despite the freezing weather conditions in Northern Ireland at the mo, but its progress. A all it really takes is a cuppa tea in the car afterwards to fix the cold.

p.s im not driving

All these aspiration are purely with the aim of achieving happiness. Not to say that every second is going to be fun or easy, but simply working to make myself happier by doing thing and spending time with people who have a positive impact on my life and filtering out as much of the negativity that we all have to put up with in our lives.

I would love to hear your aspirations for this year and hope that regardless what you plan to take on or give up, that happiness comes your way this year.



New Year, New Reading Resolutions

So according to Goodreads I have reached my 2014 reading challenge goal of reading of 50 books. However this was a difficult year when I came to reading new books, mostly due to university obligations and a tightening of the purse strings following my big move to Edinburgh. The main result of all these changes was that I feel back on old favourites, re-reading series or titles that I love and therefore feel no pressure to complete the book or my discovery of audiobooks. I currently only own a few audiobooks, the most important being my Harry Potter audios which have renewed my love for the books as the movie adaptations make it easy to forget the details that were lost in the films. For example Chamber of Secrets is my least favourite Harry Potter film, however it is one of favourites when it comes to the audio books as Gilderoy Lockhart is hilarious in audio, the true extent of his narcissism can really be enjoyed.

Back to books – while I love participating in these reading challenges I am awful at maintaining my reading-to read-read lists. Therefore I have decided to maintain the same reading challenge for 2015, 50 new books. However I wanted to add a new challenge to broaden my reading appetite.

I recently discovered the BookRiot Read Harder challenge. The rules are simple and designed to expand your reading through suggested topics. & I’m hoping to use these suggestions to help me complete a personal challenge – Finish my physical To-Be-Read pile ( this is no where as extensive as my digital To-Be-Read list & therefore much more achievable) as well as discover some new reads/authors. There are 24 suggestive reading topics, optimally 2 a month. Personally I think I will select 12 of them, the full list of options is available at the link above.


This is the start of a new year and it is full of opportunities for change and growth. I started of the year by cutting 5 inches off my hair, inspired by YouTube beauty guru Essie Button’s hair style.And I plan to continue my job hunt or possibly return to education, however overall I will continue to grow as a person.

If you are taking part in the Read Harder Challenge I would love to hear what you are reading and you New Years plans.


Quickie Tea Blog: Resolution update

Just in regards to my Goodreads book challenge for 2014 I have taken my target down to 50 instead of 75.

While this is really early to start having to adjust my expectations I have begun receiving my university timetable for this year and 75 books would be adding so many levels of stress to my life that I do not need.

So I hope this doesn’t seem like a cop out but a more honest realisation of what is practical for me this year and giving myself the opportunity to keep university as my most important development for this year.

However I am still going to try and make these books as mostly new reads if I have to beg borrow or steal them!! But we will see how things go!!

Thanks again,

N.B. I know looking at my goodreads it says I completed my 2013 reading challenge but this is because I added the books that I didn’t really want to admit reading because I consider them more guilty pleasure reads that the kind of books I want to discuss here – So I have decided it doesn’t count & I’m going to start again!!

New Years ‘Book’ Resolutions #updated

I’ve just reached the end of my exam season & this had to be the most stressful ever! My house is a hazard zone with virus’s(viruses?) contaminating the place. I’m surviving on tea & manuka honey- but I feel I am in the early stages of the diseased zone & praying I escaped the worst of it.

But one of the things I’ve seen floating about youtube and the other book bloggers that I like have been new years book resolutions. I kinda touched on this in my new years resolution blog but I thought I’d make it more fun and break down my reading resolutions for you and to finalise it for myself. As I feel that if its down in a post I maybe more likely to keep to a resolution for once :). So here goes;

1. Complete my Reading Challenge for 2013

2. Try and minimise buying new books before finishing the books I already have. (Can’t say stop buying new books- for me that’s probably impossible) 🙂

3. Try and increase the number of classic novels I ready: I’m going to attempt a ratio or 1 out of 3, so hopefully 15 of my 50 book will be classic novels.

4. Try and read the pile of books I’ve had sitting around for ages and meant to read. Top of that list being The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss and A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin: There size is daunting but I will conquer them!! 🙂

5. And Lots of Dissertation reading!! Which should hopefully add to my classical reading attempts. Surprisingly for a history major, after reading designated readings, generally from the medieval period it can be awful hard to convince myself to read more period stuff. 😀