Tea Blog: Sewing adventures

So the blog has been quite for a couple of weeks now because i have attempted a couple of big projects as part of my sewing adventures and as creative fodder for the blog. One turned out quite well, not quite perfect but i am very happy with it. Another was completed but didn’t turn out as well as i hoped and it was this project which swallowed up the majority of my time. These projects were a kimono/cardigan and a huge tulle skirt- none of these designs were my own i took a lot of advice from an awesome blog/Youtuber called WithWendy as well as an amalgamation of advice from numerous Pinterest posts.


So…. sensible Maebhe went out the window when it came to experimenting with my new sewing machine and i went straight to a huge project with many complicated seams and techniques. Now it was eventually able to complete the cardigan ( this is project 2 mentioned above) however the shape, fit and look of the overall piece is a little rough and unpolished & therefore isn’t something i will probably ever wear. However i am proud of how much i learned in the process and would genuinely feel less intimidated when it comes to taking on another big project in the future. I also learned that velvet is one of the worst fabrics to try and learn to sew on. It sheds while being cut, it sticks to itself constantly when you put the right sides together to try and measure any templates out and is super slidie when the satin side is down.

However since completing the cardigan i have been thinking on how to use it as i don’t want it to go to waste. So i’m thinking since i heading to London in June to see the Harry Potter theater show i am going to purchase a Gryffindor patch to attach and make it a Gryffindor…. dressing gown…? 🙂 I will be wearing potter stuff from head to toe with my besties so i doubt anyone will judge but its an idea, we will see.

 It’s Sunday which means no make up and therefore my face ain’t made for the blog right now.

Tulle Skirt 

I was really happy with how this project turned out despite losing an entire weekend sewing layers of tulle together. Now before you judge, i realise its not perfect – the waistband needs a little work, and its very puffy therefore making me look a little bit like a Gothic cupcake but i really love it.

Like i mentioned in the intro- i got a lot of the basic skills from WithWendy and she tutorial are awesome but i still felt like her work was a little advanced for myself (see project 1) so when i came to creating this project i adjusted the foundation for the skirt by skipping the creation of an underskirt and used a body-con skirt that i never wear (it was a random purchase during high school). And then created the rows and rows and ROWS of tulle. Running two single stitch rows along the top of each of the rows and then pulling the opposite end of each row to create scrunching and then attached the accumulated layers to the skirt in a slightly tiered design.

9 layers of fine tulle in 3 rows / 4 layers of course tulle in 2 rows

 This ultimately resulted in a huge puffy skirt which i adore – which totally gave me flash backs to high school and my My Chemical Romance days and Helena – leave me a comment if you see it! And my Nike tee is probably not the best combo but who cares, because after all the rows of stitches i had used to attach the tulle it had affected how stretchy the skirt was, so it was a small miracle that i was able to get it on over my more than generous butt. And i loved my Princess Leia hair buns this day, they totally haven’t turned out this well since.

Please check out Wendy’s blog she can properly advise how to do something like this compare to me who depend on rough doodles example above.

I hope you enjoy and i will hopefully take you on my next fabric shopping trip and keep you up to date on my sew adventures.




Tea Blog: Life Reboot

So hello to a new year!

I took some time out before Christmas for stress reasons as work was absolutely bananas and completely killed any writing inspiration/imagination my body held. However the world has calmed down thankfully and i have felt the writing void return, Yayyyy!

And i know i have written New Years resolution posts and their ilk before but i don’t want to go back there as i have learned that my tendency to set ‘goals’, sets me up for failure rather than aspiring to achieve as much as i can. They hover above my head like vultures  waiting for me to give up…and something i have learned in the last year is that my life in N.I. and current career, does not always accommodate a regular posting schedule as much as i wish i could. So as much i have been revitalised by the new year, my ambition is simply to write content which is as good as it possibly can be, as regularly as possible, and to take new challenges by diversifying my content.

In regards to reading I’m not goin near any (insert no. of books here) challenges. I have tried the fifty book challenges before & it has taken the love out of reading while I try to read anything quick & easy for numbers. So instead I am just going to focus on authors I love as well as reading so more classics and diversifying to read more factual books, my first being the biography of Vivienne Westwood, which is really interesting. And maybe investigate some more comic books if u can find somewhere to start, any advise or recommendations in the comments are welcome!

This is while i continue to job hunt for my next challenge. I realise i have only finished my probation period, which is truly the most depressing part of job hunting, voluntarily re-entering that ‘no-mans land’ of employment where i get to tell people, “Yes i did get a new job” while my insides turn into jellied snakes at the continuous fear of spontaneous firing, even while my inner cheerleader screams, “You can do this!”. I have my qualifications i just need more experience and to continue looking for those opportunities that will challenge me and allow me to grow. So, NO SETTLING.

Next, I am going to craft more. While i have struggled to find time write and make myself sit down at a internet device after sitting at a pc all day in work, i have been able to take time to craft (crochet) more. I have found that this is one way to get my brain to relax, especially after a rubbishy work day. As it takes all my focus and stops my brain wondering and going down the rabbit hole. As part of this aspiration i recently bought myself a sewing machine. I have never used a sewing machine…never touched one before mine came in the post. So its a entirely new challenge but is something i have always wanted to try, especially when it comes to altering vintage clothes and maybe one day creating something entirely by myself. So i bought my machine, have booked myself a beginners class and have overloaded a Pinterest board with sewing ideas and templates.

Let me stick in the obligatory ‘be healthier’, but only in the most general sense. Mainly because my current job has me stuck in a little room all day compared to my previous retail job which involved a lot of running around, meaning that the exercise i used to do everyday has been lost. So i simply want to take more time in the evenings to get my little Buddy out on more walks and get myself moving more. This is also a great way to air out my brain and allow myself to digitally detox between work and blog.

It was too wet today so here is an old beach photo


I have already started by taking a drive up the coast and having a morning walking the beaches with my fluffy companion, despite the freezing weather conditions in Northern Ireland at the mo, but its progress. A all it really takes is a cuppa tea in the car afterwards to fix the cold.

p.s im not driving

All these aspiration are purely with the aim of achieving happiness. Not to say that every second is going to be fun or easy, but simply working to make myself happier by doing thing and spending time with people who have a positive impact on my life and filtering out as much of the negativity that we all have to put up with in our lives.

I would love to hear your aspirations for this year and hope that regardless what you plan to take on or give up, that happiness comes your way this year.



Tea Break Catch-Up: Books!

So I’m going to use this as a regular update, hopefully once a week, to provide an update on what books I’m reading and new books that I’ve bought recently.

Something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while but got the motivation to actually do it today because I won a competition in work & I got a Waterstones book voucher which I used up today. 😀

So the books I bought with my voucher were;
*Tad Williams, The Dirty Streets of Heaven
*Patricia Briggs, Fair Game (read in the library but needed for my collection)
*Lynsay Sands, The Renegade Hunter

Currently (actively) Reading;
*Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke and Bone
*Naomi Novak, Throne of Jade
*…although admittedly I have an embarrassing number of books in the go at the minute I don’t think im going to write them all, just the ones that I’m really into reading weekly.

What are you reading?
And any recommendations? 😀


Tea Blog: The Hobbit and Christmas

Tea-in-hand: lets go 🙂

  Ok so i consider myself a pretty avid reader, i am one of those people that it takes only one word, line, phrase, image or even music that reminds of a scene in a book or a character and i need to go home and re-read it. But clearly due to the fact that i am a bit of a cabbage patch child in comparison to the rest of my family who have absolutly no interest in reading despite my efforts, i have apparently been deprived a part of my fantasy childhood by the simply fact that i have never read The Hobbit, nor any other J.R. R. Tolkin novel. I did try once but by the third page where all he had seemed to have done was describe grass i gave up, although admittedly this was a long time ago, when my interests were very focused on dragons and Harry Potter.
So because of all build up surrounding the soon to be released movie i have finally bought and plan on reading the hobbit as my december read and hope to have its, probably not so much a review as it is too well a loved and analysised book for a newbie like me to do, but more a description of my experience and what i thought about it. And probably a comparison with the movie which im planning to see, very soon so i am doubly excited for this month. And just in case i have watched all the Lord of the Rings movies and loved them – Aragorn and Legolas, sigh ;D

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Plus this also gives me a chance to show a little of my christmas decorating, as a student its all on a mini scale, including my mini christmas tree 🙂 which i love and my little reindeer decorations. CHristmas really is one of my favourite times of year, due to the acceptance surrounding drinking ridiculous amounts of hot chocolate, writing christmas cards, going crazy with the tinsel and annoying people to death with christmas carols. OOO and of course reading and watching numerous versions os a Christmas Carol by Dickens, one of my all time favourite books and general gets pulled out for a re-read this time of year.

So: Are you’s gona read the book before seeing the film?
And Whats your favourite Christmas reads?

and as always i love feedback on how im doing 🙂

Happy Holidays

Maebhe x

Tea Mondays

I am slowly but surely desending into a Flu Hell and despite self medicating on manuka honey and Tea – it is a battle that i am currently losing. And with the kinda luck i have it has to be during one of the craziest weeks at uni so far 😦 sigh.

SO what am i doing on here i hear you ask: well honestly my heads so fried from reading Russia history and Medival nonsence while being tired and congested that i needed a break so i wanted to come on here and have a little natter with you’s:)

Mostly i wanted to introduce a new idea i had to try and make my blog posts a little more organised, so i am introducing:

Tea Mondays!!

Here i hope to introduce any new books im reading or little catch ups on what im currently reading or any book related news like new releases in excited about 🙂

If you’s think this is a good idea let me know and i will make it a new thing.

Lets give it a spin shall we :s

So im having a bit of a re-read weekend as this is something i do when im ill, means less effort to comprehend words but still experiencing the relaxation of reading a good book. And to demonstrate i thought i’d introduce you’s to my bedside Book Mountain and this was challenged ans successfully tamed last week but has grown quite rapidly again. But these are alot of my new books too which i havent gotten to so far and are mostly my more adult Urban Fantasy novels 🙂

Im am waiting for new books to be released at the moment as well as working up the funds to get the new Kresley Cole novel Poison Princess- so want to read this book. But thats my only Ya the rest are Adult fantasy/Fiction including another Kresley cole, Christine Feehan, Laurann Dohner and a new one the next in the Lux series by Jennifer Armentrout.

But thats it for now,

Be back soon & as always please comment and let me know whats yous think – likes/dislikes/areas of improvement 🙂 Thank you